Magenta and Purple Felt Unicorn Headband

Magenta and Purple Felt Unicorn Headband

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Every unicorn party needs to have a magical unicorn!  Duh!  Each one of our headbands are made of the best quality felt, glitter, silk flowers and nylon.  Take your party to the next level by wearing your very own unicorn headband that matches every outfit!


5.5" wide x 9.5" tall x 2" thick

Ideal size for children 3+ to adult.  (For reference, this unicorn headband is modeled on an adult.)


Black - recommended for black or brunette hair
White - recommended for blonde or red hair


Wear this headband for party after party.  Each headband is hand cut and glued and comes with our quality guarantee.

-Horn: Pink Nylon
-Ears: Felt
-Headband: Black or White plastic
-Flowers: High quality silk flowers

Shipped to you in a bubble mailer envelope or wrapped in bubblewrap and placed in a box to provide it arrives in one piece.

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