Pink Glitter Unicorn Headband

Pink Glitter Unicorn Headband

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Pink unicorns do exist, we have seen them.  Let's all put on one of the glitter ear headbands and start our search party.  The sparkly pink glitter leather is a gorgeous accent with the pink silk flowers and horn. 


5.5" wide x 9.5" tall x 2" thick

Ideal size for children 3+ to adult.  (For reference, this unicorn headband is modeled on an adult.)


Black - recommended for black or brunette hair
White - recommended for blonde or red hair


Wear this headband for party after party.  Each headband is hand cut and glued and comes with our quality guarantee.

-Horn: Silver Nylon
-Ears: 1/8" Glitter Leather
-Headband: Black or White plastic
-Flowers: High quality silk flowers
-Accents: Rhinestones

Shipped to you in a bubble mailer envelope or wrapped in bubblewrap and placed in a box to provide it arrives in one piece.

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